Smell Your Way To Good Health – The Catrin Coulon Story

Essential drops to health and well-being

The life surrounded by natural fragrances is not for everyone. But, if you can improve and promote your health by both smelling amazing and helping your body, isn’t it something you would consider? Thats how Catrin Coulon was introduced to the life of essential oils.

Being a registered paediatric nurse and surrounded by kids Catrin couldn’t find time to be worried about her own health and aroma therapy fads. Stress levels and sleepless nights plague the lives of most people these days. The only time we even get to worry about ourselves is when we actually fall sick.

‘Look after your body, or your body will force you to look after it’

“As a company doTERRA stands out for integrity and transparency. Being open and honest about where our essential oils come from, how they are processed and how they support communities where oils are sourced from. The suppliers of the crop to make the oils are paid fairly for their produce and are paid in instalments to ensure that they have funds year round not just after a harvest. This allows for crops to be grown to their peak before being harvested. Many of these communities are in 3rd world countries. There is poverty and poor health in many of these places. doTERRA looks at the needs of each community and uses funds from the healing hands foundation to build infrastructure that they need. These include schools, medical centres, general purpose buildings, access to clean water and so much more.” Says Catrin. She loves the fact that she is not just able to make a difference in her family but also in the lives of people she works with.
The saying ‘Look after your body, or your body will force you to look after it’ was coined to perfectly describe life in today’s world.

Essential oils are perfect to help you get all of natures goodness just by including a couple of drops in everything that you do and consume. A few innovative ways you can use essential oils are:

  1. A couple of drops of essential oils for a cold or cough into a pack of tissues or a towel you use
  2. Diffusing is a fantastic way to get the essential oils out there. Set it up and it just runs by itself.
  3. A few drops in the place of actual herbs in your pastas and baked goods are easy to get in
  4. Love a good soak in the tub? Some epsom salt and some essential oils are just perfect for that overall calming effect
  5. Like to make your own cleaning products? The anti-bacterial essential oils are a perfect addition

Catrin Coulon is a health and wellness advocate. She conducts seminars and workshops to promote a healthy lifestyle by harnessing nature’s gifts.
Feel free to visit her website :
Facebook Page : Oil Be There For You

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