Building The Next Real Estate Giant – Tisa Van Den Heuvel

Real Estate Mum!

Whoever said that real estate moguls need all the time in the world and can’t devote time to a family, lied. Meet Tisa Van Den Heuvel, who not just stayed in the real estate business but also set up a property management company to keep her passion alive.

Speaking to Tisa, her enthusiasm and drive to juggle different roles as mum and entreptenaur is enough to make you wonder if she really is for real. I mean, how can you start a brand new business with two kids, dance classes, sport classes and chaperoning!! Believe it or not, she did.

Tisa’s knowledge about everything related to this business comes from 15 years of experience in the industry. Having seen the different climate changes in the real estate market in Sydney, she sure has a lot of authentic and reliable information to share with us.

When asked how she juggles house viewings and the kids, she said “I can take them to empty houses while I do my work. I still do this but now they are a bit older they tend to watch YouTube on the phone.” 100 points for effort and creativity to Tisa.

Her passion and hope to work with mums and give them an opportunity to continue work in the real estate business is inspiring. How many mums go that extra mile to do a bit for fellow-mums? From humanity to real estate, wow we could learn a lot from Tisa! Her information an tips are so informative you’re gonna love it.

In interview with CTM Central, Tisa speaks about the real estate climate in Sydney and answers many questions relating to homes, childproofing homes, property and the family. Stay tuned and watch our space for more information from the expert herself!

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Being a mum means having to wear multiple hats all day, everyday. We are inspired enough to reach to mums who need that extra boost of encouragement on those helpless days. This creative website is a reflection of everything we are, everything we have learned and everything you'd want to hear.

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