Are You Snubbing or Phubbing!

Now that’s some meaning to your actions!

You will know how ‘Mean’ you are if you know the ‘Meaning’ of this word. We have all heard of the word pubbing right? While pubbing is hanging out drinking with friends, “Phubbing” is a term where you shut them all out by ignoring them in favour of your mobile phone.


When we are in conversation with a person and it gets boring, we tend to look to Twitter/ Facebook/ Pinterest/ Instagram feeds on our phones. This is akin to snubbing the person in front of you.

Snubbing a person can be done in many ways, but Phubbing is a term when you snub a person by looking into your phone.

Relationship Threat

Though this is not a term you would use everyday, this is something you do unconsciously Every.Single.Day! Phubbing is a threat to your relationships, be it friends or family. Spouses Phubbing each other leads to low marital satisfaction, interaction and depression. We have all been there. We enter this virtual world and live a virtual life which puts face-to face conversations in the backseat.

Priceless Memories

Research suggests that mobile phone users are inattentive, not great at conversations and they don’t enjoy meals at the table. If you feel compelled to keep looking at you phone even if you have no messages or need to do so, you are in big trouble! You miss out on special moments. That fraction of a second when your baby says or does something is a lot more valuable than the number of likes on your profile. Pictures are a treasure no doubt, but your memories are priceless!


If you are the one being Phubbed, take time to explain how you feel. Your partner or friend might even need help to get out of this. Be compassionate and understanding because the victim of phubbing might be looking into their phones because they feel excluded in a group or conversation.

So lets work on dropping our phones down while on a date, dinner, get togethers and parties.

Lets Stop Phubbing! ( Pubbing seems a lot more cooler right? )

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