Safe Suburbs to Buy and Rent in Sydney for Families

Tisa Van Den Heuvel, Managing Director

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Tisa van den Heuvel speaks about the importance of a safe family and neighbourhood in Sydney. Originally from Sydney, Tisa is a pro in the real estate industry with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Here are her answers!

Which are Good Areas to Buy and Rent for Families in Sydney and Why?

We are very lucky in Sydney that most of our suburbs are safe and have great schools.  As an agent the one thing I hear families say more than any other is that they want to be near good schools and trains for commuting.  With that in mind I would think Sydney’s Upper North Shore and North West area are great for families.

Areas like the Hills District are getting a train line soon and have some wonderful schools, and the Upper North Shore has an easy train ride to the city and is a popular rental area for many families.  Having said all this, Sydney is horrifically expensive and I find more and more people are heading up the Central Coast for affordable living and a lifestyle change.

Areas around Marsden park and Campbelltown are Currently Hot Spots For The Property Market? Why?

Because people cannot afford to buy in the more popular, more expensive areas they get pushed out to surrounding suburbs.  Marsden Park and Campbelltown both have infrastructure for transport, shops and schools (Marsden Park is a new suburb but you can see these things coming together).

This means families can afford to buy or rent in those areas and still commute to the city and their kids can go to local schools.  It makes sense that these areas are hot spots when you see the work going into the community living there.


Tisa van den Heuvel, MANAGING DIRECTOR

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