Robin Williams Died Today But Mrs. Doubtfire Lives On

Robin Williams died at the age of 63 today having been found unconscious in his home. The man who brought laughter to tears in every household is mourned by millions of fans around the world. Famous celebrities have been tweeting the death of Robin Williams and their condolences to the family.

Robin Williams died today, and that’s almost unbelievable for most of us. Some of us might just be hoping that he’s probably going to jump on screen and say “gotcha!” but the final curtain call has arrived.

The man who brought us Mrs. Doubtfire will forever live in our hearts. His hysterical and contagious laugh will forever be remembered. His roles as an actor made parenting seem so easy and often changed the way people regarded parenting. Even the mighty Genie was so much of a fun job, thanks to the voice!

Robin Williams died today but he will forever live in our hearts and through his movies. As a kid Robin Williams was known to be a voracious reader and loved the chronicles of Narnia. As a parent he believed in spending time with his kids and lived the life of a good entertaining parent. Though his kids preferred his straight voices to his impersonations, his talent in mimicking voices always cracked them up. Even his last tweet talks about how much he loves his daughter Zelda.

Robin Williams was a man who believed so much in the roles he took up that he shook into character almost instantly when he came on the set. Robin Williams vision for peace plan, as a U.S ambassador was noteworthy and appreciated. Robin Williams died after a good life. Though speculation about his apparent suicide note lingers, the star will forever be remembered as a man who battled struggles and gave people the hope to look at the bright side of day. The death of Robin Williams will leave a huge hole in Hollywood’s hall of fame.

Many say that a clown is the saddest human being in the entire circus. While the theory still holds strong when Robin Williams died today, he is one clown who always had the unexpected up his sleeve.


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