Life Lessons For Kids – Chris Tucker – 31st August 1972

The Actor from Rush Hour

Chris Tucker the famous Rush Hour actor has lived his life to inspire people around the world. Many life lessons for kids can come from celebrities that the valuable things in life do not come easy. What’s interesting about Chris Tucker will make you draw inspiration from his life on his birthday and help mothers around the world share this story with their kids.

Chris is one of the 6 children in his family. Even as a young boy he had the ability to make people around him laugh. His father was a janitor and ran a successful business. Chris like many kids grew up the hard way and helped with his father’s business.

His Past

As he mopped the floors of different restaurants, Chris knew that his life was never meant to be there. He aspired to think big and move to greater heights. This meant that he had to move to Los Angeles and work his way up. Unlike many fortunate actors, Chris Tucker was not from a lineage of famous people to help him pull his strings. He had to work hard.

His Dream

He had to make his own connections and that meant from starting small. But here’s the great thing about Chris Tucker and his life lessons, Give It A Shot! He took the risk and gave his dreams a shot. He always knew that if he failed, he could come back and start. But it never stopped him from giving his dream a shot.

His Chance

Once Chris Tucker moved to Los Angeles, things were not what it seemed. It was tough. He had to spend hours upon hours speaking to clubs and asking them for a chance to perform some standup comedy shows. He then had to spend time practicing for these shows apart from actually performing. This meant he had to give up on many other joys of life. The thing about the different things we want to do as kids is that we often don’t realize that it can all go on hold till we complete our priorities. In that way, we reap double benefits.

Your Past does’nt define you future as long as you have a Dream and give it a Chance !

That is precisely what life lessons for kids come from celebrities. They work hard. They never stop. They make personal sacrifices and in the end, they are rewarded with a lifetime of joys doubled and tripled. Life lessons for kids from celebrities like Chris Tucker teach us the importance of being able to work hard and remember to try everything without assumption.

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