Gates Foundation Funding – Wireless Microchip Contraception

Its finally time to bid adieu THE PILL and thanks to the Gates foundation funding toward something remarable. The Gates foundation funding has just provided for a miniscule remote controlled drug dispenser. This is a wireless microchip contraceptive implant that gets put right under your skin. The drug dispenser gets activated and deactivated by pushing a remote control. The contraceptive hormone levonogestrel is released into the body every time the remote the used.

The Gates foundation funding toward this wireless microchip contraceptive has enough of the contraceptive drug to last 16 years. This is revolutionary what the Gates foundation funding has done. This is because there is no other form of implanted drug works for anything more than 5 years.

This device from Gates foundation funding is called Microchips in Lexington. It is 20mm big and 7mm thick. The special titanium and platinum seal melts allowing the drug to release when the remote is pushed. What’s the most amazing fact about the implant is that the wireless microchip contraception can be controlled wirelessly with a remote.

This would be able to provide birth control until you have pushed the button off. The research is backed up by Gates foundation funding and is a revolution that would be taking the world by storm.

Gates Foundation Funding For Contraceptive – Release Date

The microchip lexington release date is yet to be anounced. The testing of the Gates foundation funding for the implant is set for 2015 and will be available in the market by 2018. The Gates foundation funding is specifically dedicated to improve the quality of life of people in around the world. What better way for them to make their legacy live on, but through changing the contraceptive future of mankind.

Human error was taken into account when they came up with the concept of this Gates foundation funding towards the wireless microchip contraceptive . Now there is no need to worry about forgetting to pop the pill.

There are several drugs that could be dispensed into the body through this technology. This could mean a huge advancement in the healthcare industry that has never been seen before. This wireless microchip contraceptive is the first of its kind. The microchip lexington’s release is sure to have a huge set forward in the way people will begin to think of the future in all its emormity. Just imagine the possibilities of these devices. There’s never a time you’re going to be down with a headache or food poisoning! All you need to do is PUSH THE BUTTON!

The Gates foundation funding has always managed to surprise the world with its capabilities. This is just one of the many remarkable ventures they have funded.

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