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“Often I wonder if my child will become an offender “

Teeth gritting. Door slamming. Screaming. Shoving a sibling.As a mum you’re probably faced with these wonderful (smell the sarcasm?) scenarios with your young one. As a human being we often retaliate with the same, at least that’s how we are seasoned to deal with problems. Our parents teaching us to fight back with tough situations and we teach the same to our kids after all.

Often I wonder if my child will become an offender when he grows up. The thought and fears of how he will handle tough situations in the future are enough to keep me up all night, after a showdown. Finding a permanent solution for this is tough especially when you are like me and voice to your child that his actions won’t help. I mean, most of the parenting for dummies, books don’t really tell you how to deal with your child in more creative ways than calmly explaining to them. Do they?

I’m going to list out 5 activities that can work to influence our kids from a different angle other than addressing the situation “calmly” as most positive parenting articles suggest.

Martial arts

This is the first thing that comes up when you look up Google for answers on aggression. This is one of the main routes I suggest after I have read several brochures. Speaking to several parents who have their kids enrolled in MMA programs have wonderful things to say as well. I mean where else do they get to displace that unshed anger.

Tight packed schedule

What is they are too tired to get angry? What if they have enough and more to do that they just want to comply instead of arguing and missing out on TV time? This is strategy number 2, which many people suggested I do.

After all this is what my dad did when I was slacking in the behaviour department. I was tired enough to come home, spend some time chilling and then heading to bed.A team sport or any hobby helps. That way your child would be doing something they like as well.


There are loads of people who say that meditation helps. I am not sure how happy a young child full of energy will be able to sit still for the hour, but hey it’s on the list.

Meditation has its perks in calming them down completely so they are able to concentrate throughout the day and perform. Many people claim to show interest in studies and work after an hour of meditation a day.


Yoga is all the fuss these days. Pregnant? Then do yoga. Stressful day? Do yoga. Want to lose weight? You guessed right, yoga again. So why not try the same with your ward. After all, it’s similar to meditation and combines a few of the items on this list.

Several schools incorporate yoga as part of their curriculum and the kids are known to perform well. My husband went to a school where all the kids were made to do yoga for 15 minutes every day. He’s an incredibly intelligent engineer now. Go figure!


This one is on the list because its something I have tried. And it has worked whenever I am a part of it. I hate running by myself, so I take my son with me when I am on the road. This gives him time to listen to his music and catch up with me as well. We have a nice laugh over coffee and hot chocolate at the end of our run as well.

Let us know your thoughts on this post and what has worked for you.


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