Positive Words To Use With Children To Build Them

Knowing about the right and positive words to use with children is often spoken about in different books and magazines. However, the actual positive words to use with children which is effective is hard to come by. I spoke to several mothers and realised that there are only a small group of words that would help parents BEGIN positive parenting.

While we hear of different behavioral problems that children face while growing up, as a parent we begin to reflect on how we have played a role in their communication. Communication is the key to almost every way we learn to co-exist in this world and as parents it is crucial that we choose positive words to use with children in order to shape our child’s character.

Right from an early age children should be taught the following list of words to make sure that they would catch up in their communication skills and gain self-esteem, according to studies:

Thank You


I love you

You can do it !

Good Job

Tell me more about

Can I hug you

Can I help?

As a child grows up, there are a lot more complex phrases and actions that are attributed to those words that we need to worry about. If you remember when you were kid, about the times when another child said something hurtful to you and you were not very happy about it? Some people brush aside this fact that words cant break what we are. In reality some of these negative words are quite capable to shattering things that we have believed in.

“Negative words and phrases such as:

Stupid, Idiot, blockhead, ninny, fat, ugly, slow, poor etc. are emotionally harmful to your child and parents should refrain from directing these words at their wards. Though you might feel that they would need to be able to handle other children and people calling them these words, as parents it is our place to make sure that you boost their self morale to grow up to be respectable and with high self-esteem.”

Why Choose Positive Words To Use With Children:

Studies have shown that parents who do not believe in any positive words to use with children, suffer from low self-esteem themselves. As a result of constant negative words around the kids, causes them to end up becoming bullies and turn to hurting other people. They also land up with self-destructing behaviors later in their life like anorexia and self-mutilation. The importance of picking positive words to use with children is a future shaping act that you will not be sorry about.

Parents who raise their kids on positive words bring up kids with the ability to shake away from their lack of self-confidence. This is why it is very important for parents and other people involved in the nurturing of children to make sure that they help in building the self-esteem and the confidence.

A recent article of a mother who found her son was autistic talks about how the word “normal” has also been used so loosely. Most often as parents we do not realize that what might be abnormal for us, might be perfectly normal to other people. Therefore, setting standards of what is normal and what is not grows seeds of separation in our young children and on the community as a whole.

Help your child today by changing how you communicate with your child. Picking even a few positive words to use with children everyday will definitely make a remarkable difference in developing their own confidence. You will be glad to know that your child would be able to believe in himself even if other individuals do not.

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Being a mum means having to wear multiple hats all day, everyday. We are inspired enough to reach to mums who need that extra boost of encouragement on those helpless days. This creative website is a reflection of everything we are, everything we have learned and everything you'd want to hear.

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