“No Eye-Contact For You” – A Toddler’s Mom

Avoid all eye contact when putting them to sleep

One of the ways that kids usually find it tough to sleep is when they are faced with eye contact. If you look your child in the eye with any excitement of reaction in it just before bed, you could get them all excited and ready to get some activity happening. The best way to avoid an excited child before bedtime is to avoid all eye contact when putting them to sleep.

At the same time when you give your baby a completely blank expression when trying to put him to sleep. You would be amazed at how easily he falls asleep. Before a child falls asleep you would notice that he would stare blank into some part of the room before dozing off. For kids who are attached to their mommies and need them with them to fall asleep, staring in the kid’s eyes with no expression is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

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