Magic Ways to Soothe A Sick Child

Need a little help around?

We’ve done the homework. We’ve spoken to the childcare nurses, doctors and dentists. Here is what they have to say about soothing a sick child. Yes, we all have our secret ways too so why not share your tip below for the rest of us?

Prevention is better than cure. Speak to your local GP about current vaccines you can give your child.

  • Run a hot shower and close the door to help relieve congestions in the chest
  • Motion helps. Unfortunately this might mean you having to hold your baby and slightly bounce while walking, or even gentle pats can help
  • If you are a nursing mother, continue to nurse even when your baby is sick. The sucking can relieve the pressure in their little chests and so would a dummy in such cases
  • Always give medication before the onset of pain or fevers
  • If the climate is a little nippy, toss the baby blanket into the dryer for a few minutes and use it to wrap your baby. If the climate is hot, a wet towel on the forehead should do the trick
  • Distractions are a big help. Distracting them from their illness with baths or television time is a huge help
  • Humidifiers with some peppermint, frankincense, lavender essential oils are great for healing and fighting off bacterial and viral infections

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