Tips On How To Get Kids to Sleep in Their Own Bed

“Effective ways on how to get kids to sleep in their own bed”

Following my previous post on the dangers and issues that are attached to having your kids sleep with you, I looked up on what doctors say about how to get kids to sleep in their own bed. There are several tips that child psychologists from around the world suggest as effective ways on how to get kids to sleep in their own bed.

The entire concept of a family bed is not uncommon in different cultures around the world. The first step to making sure that these habits can be broken is to make sure that they are turned into a choice that the family makes. So get ready for a couple of nights to a week of patience and you’ll thank us for it for a lifetime!


> Do not be rude to them when you are establishing these changes

> Do not let them sleep in your bed when they come to you in the middle of the night

> Do not use sleeping with you in your bed as a reward for anything

> Remember that you are trying to help them become independent

> Do not expect to get any valid answers if you ask them why they do not like to sleep in their own beds


> Spend some time understanding the reason behind your child’s inability to sleep in his/her own bed

> If you notice the reason is fear, help them overcome their fears

> Torchlights, fairy lights, favourite books, stuffed toys and soothing music are interesting tools that you can try use to help them overcome fear. However, remember that they would be allowed to use these only during bed time

> If your children are just jealous of any sibling who gets to sleep with you, then its time to make sure that you start at the same time with all the children in the home. Remember its never too early to learn valuable lessons. Remember that many emotional sacrifices have to be made if you want to know how to get kids to sleep in their own bed room.

When you make these changes you are going to need a lot of patience before you can completely wean them. Be prepared for several waking times every night like when you did when they were infants. In the end, you will be glad that you learnt how to get kids to sleep in their own bed and you will be happy. Both for yourself and your child.

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