Can Kids Wear Contact Lenses Instead of Glasses

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“Can kids wear contact lenses instead of glasses?”

Many parents often wonder ” can kids wear contact lenses instead of glasses?”. For every person who has worn contact lens or glasses, there are two things that is a concern. The first is if the best solution to correct vision is through contact lens or glasses. The second is the responsibility of eating the right foods to aid with the vision correction. When it comes to children who have been diagnosed with poor vision, wondering can kids wear contact lenses or should they stick to glasses has a whole new concern. Social acceptance.

Many young teenagers find that making the decision of choosing between contact lens and glasses is easy because they already understand the responsibility of both. Parents who have to make the choice for younger children find that they have a mind block if can kids wear contact lenses in the first place. The decision is plain and simple when it comes to wondering can kids contact lens.


According to new study, parents can now relate a lot more to their child’s social and emotional development by making the right choice. Apparently 8 year olds as well as 11 year olds are regarded as being responsible enough to handle contact lens and glasses just the same way that older kids do.

The study was conducted over 3 months and executed with 10 kids who wore contact lens that were disposable everyday. In the end, the study answered the question of can kids wear contact lenses. This is beacuse they were able to handle their contact lens with the same responsibility as any adult or young adult. There are several parents who make responsible decisions for their kids based on what they feel is right, rather than giving their child a chance to take responsibility.

Jeffrey Walline, who is the lead research scientist at the Ohio State University in optometry, was able to confirm that kids were actually able to wear their contact lens themselves and take it out themselves. Which is the biggest concern for parents wondering can kids wear contact lens.

Many optometrists make the decision for the kids as well based on studies that the younger children couldn’t handle contact lens. However, the other studies prove otherwise.

“Most children prefer contact lens”

The cost of the contact lens is about $100 for every year and when given a choice between contact lens and glasses, most children prefer contact lens. They don’t really mind spending the extra buck for their social acceptance.

Once you have ur questions answered about can kids wear contact lenses you are going to need other things to consider for it to work effectively. Choosing the right contact lens is also important for young children and as parents, when you choose daily disposables or weekly disposables; they are definitely a better option. The choice of helping your kids be socially accepted is very important when you wonder can kids wear contact lenses. This will help build your child’s responsibility and a chance to be able to correct their chances of social acceptance.

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