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A bunch of Christian enthusiasts were at a bar and started a discussion. They had just stepped out of the church to grab a couple of drinks after a seminar. The four of them were a few drinks down and soon started debating about who would be welcomed better, at the pearly gates of heaven. Now, you might think that they would all get a fair chance as they were all Christians; but read on and you’ll be surprised to know how right and wrong they all were.

Mathew the Elder had some fair points to make. He pointed out fairly that according to his 40 years of experience in providing segment reports, ”Faith is like Wine. The older; the better” His valuable points about experience and quality couldn’t be argued with and so the others got a little more defensive.

Mark the Media-lover said that he was the greatest because he was able to use the social media platform, to reach more Christians and spread the good news. He claimed that he manages to reach out, not just to Christians but also people of other faiths through his media experience. His points about God wanting a missionary in everyone was a great one and so the debate continued.

Luke the Big-Bang Expert said that his search for new evidence to prove the existence of God is the best. He profound love for researching and proving that our forefathers were not apes but Adam and Eve is, what every Christian is looking for. He believed that stronger the faith the better the prize.

John the Wise the main editor and the one who started the debate, believed that everyone had a fair chance and their Christian careers had little to do with the kind of Christian relationship they had with God. He believed that it was not enough to just know God but important to know the “word of God”.

The argument kept going on for a while and so did the beers. At one point, they did not know who had won the debate and decided to look for a referee. Looking around the bar they found a Sister Magdalene who sat in a corner enjoying a piece of cake.

They called her over and decided to ask her for her opinion and gave her all the facts. Sister Magdalene carefully and patiently listened to each of their arguments and decided that they all had very fair points to make. However, there had to be a winner. At this point, Sister Magdalene the Smart put the piece of cake on the table and asked them all to take a bite.

She watched closely as they all shared the one spoon available to devour the cake. When they were done, she sweetly pointed out, that the kingdom of heaven is like a piece of cake. It belongs to everyone who is willing to share a bite.

Father Joseph who overheard the entire conversation came close and whispered, “Right now, I don’t know who would enter the pearly gates of heaven, but the Church gates are going to close in 5 minutes. So while your ‘spirits’ are high run!”

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