“Rape Me” NOT! – Reaching Out To Rape Victims Around The World

Here are the statistics on rape crimes in different countries. Seems women are not safe anywhere! The worst is when you are a victim to rape or some form of harassment and do not say a word about it. It eats you from the inside. The pressure you carry on yourself when you do not talk about your experience can mount enough to break you down at some point.

You could help someone somewhere know how to defend themselves, prepare themselves or listen to your unsaid story! We are listening.


Rape victims get double punishment. They can either be a part of honor killings that their families can suggest, or they can be charged with adultery as a crime by the laws of the country and put to death.



According to a survey by the United Nations 89.2% of men from urban Bangladesh agreed to a statement that said that ‘if a woman does not fight back physically, then it is not a rape’



A UN study in 2013 showed that at least 24% of men in Cambodia have raped in their lifetime. 3.3% have raped other men and a whooping 23% have been a part of gang rapes. Out of these men 45% of them openly suggested that they raped because they were entitled to sex and 42% of them raped because they intended to punish the woman. Out of this 44% only received legal consequences.



As per the protests recently in July 2013, 91 women were raped in Tahrir Square within a matter of 4 days. Women are fearful about reporting about any rape in Egypt. Even though rape is illegal, it is not considered as being an offense if it is done within the bounds of marriage.



This country is one of the worst when it comes to serving justice to rape criminals. Women are kidnapped and raped repeatedly till she is with child. Once she gets pregnant, the rapist can marry her. These raping’s are common with women as young as 11 years old. To add to this audacity, raping within a marriage is not punishable.



Another country with a very high rape rate is India. According to surveys, every 20 minutes there is a rape in India. The protection of women from domestic violence act is rarely any help for women who are married, and victims of sexual violence carried out by their husbands.



Again, this is another country that provides no justice when marital rape is not an illegal practice. According to a poll, 34% men admitted to raping because of ‘indecent dressing’ of women.


DNA evidence for rapes has been removed from the law. This means that no DNA evidence can be produced to authenticate a rapist. Women are also not bound to seek judgment for rape if there have been no witnesses.


South Africa

Noted as being one of the countries as having the highest number of rape cases every year. Rapes have become an extremely common fact in South Africa that any news of rapes rarely even makes the news. Children and babies are raped the most in South Africa.


United Kingdom

Unlike in other western countries in the United Kingdom, rape is something that is committed only by a man. According to a survey in 2009, 230 cases of rape have been reported everyday. Also, only 800 men were convicted of rape the same year. This is clear that only 1 in 100 women got any justice.


United States

Drug and alcohol are usually used in rape. Survey suggests that over 47% of rapes occurred when both the victim and well as the rapist were under the influence. 17% of the rapists were under the influence alone and 7% of the victims were under the influence. 38% of the rapes committed were not by strangers but by people who are known to the victims and 26% by strangers.



The minimum age for marriage is not set in this country. As a result, adult men marry kids and brutally rape them in the name of marriage. The number of deaths because of this is astonishing!

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