Don’t Marry For Anything Less Than Love

“Oh he’s got a big house and a big car and a nice family, dad” “He’s got a boat!!! I don’t believe it!! He’s got a boat and he wants to marry me!!” “He’s the first person to ask me! So I should!!”

Stop! What’s going to happen once that boat gets old and the big car is in the workshop? The marriage pyramid starts with so many social and financial obligations that love comes nowhere in the picture these days. Women think that a man with all the money in the world can’t buy her love but can sure buy her everything else or even keep her family happy.

There are several couples that face a dip in their relationships because they base their marriages on materialistic things and social obligations. They probably never realize it and keep denying it for ages. What happens in the end is what happens to your kids. Don’t compromise on the one thing that makes the world go round.

Take time ladies. Love and be loved.

Take your sweet time. Enjoy being in love and get ready to spend the rest of your life with a person who you will love till death do you part. At the end, an economic slump might be the end to riches, a clash of personalities might be the end to relationships, but the end to a marriage will only be at the end of love, and there nothing to lose in that.

– Confessions of tired moms

About the author

Being a mum means having to wear multiple hats all day, everyday. We are inspired enough to reach to mums who need that extra boost of encouragement on those helpless days. This creative website is a reflection of everything we are, everything we have learned and everything you'd want to hear.

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