You Need To Detox Your Armpits Not Use Products To Whiten It

Half the personal care products that you are going to find in the supermarket are not going to help keep your body healthy. The beauty industry is huge. They make money out of putting cheap chemicals that have harsh reactions into products and packing them in a nice wrapper. How many times have you walked into the personal care section and picked a product because it looks nice? Sometimes, the way I look at it, I’d say you must detox your eyes to look beyond the packaging.

There is only one way to break this trance that the media has over us. DON’T GO TO THE PROCESSED SECTIONS.

All the best things needed for your personal hygiene is available right in the fresh foods section. Throw away your deodorants and opt for essential oils and fresh produce to solve odor problems.

Did you know that your body odor is probably getting worse because of the deodorants that you are using?

Did you know that in fact you sweat more with deodorant? Here is a simple way you can detox your armpits and avoid armpit issues.

When Life Throws You Lemons, Detoxify Your Armpits

One of the most useful things you will find in the produce section is lemon. Lemons in anything are great! There is nothing more freshly than the smell and flavor of lemons. While lemons are great for a mean glass of lemonade in summer, they are also great for your skin and body.

For the skin, they have incredible lightening properties. If you want to have those dazzling white armpits without slobbering generous amounts of whitening products, try lemons. It removes any dark skin and lightens it over time. The best bleach you can find for your skin is what is in a lemon.

It has anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties as well. Isn’t that what you need to get rid of any armpit gunk!? There are some recipes where you can make a mean armpit detox mask with lemons and oatmeal. These masks can further help in whitening your underarms.

Some people, who manage to develop an armpit detox rash, can dilute the lemon in some water in equal portions. If you find that you are developing any armpit detox symptoms like rashes and boils, immediately use fresh water and wash it off. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals going into your skin and causing damage permanently.

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