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Eating Nuts to stay Healthy

The new theory is about eating a lot of nuts to stay healthy. Studies are now evident that people who consumed a lot of nuts are able to stay away from cancers and heart related issues. This is probably a good theory that will support the paleo diet that is becoming increasingly popular these days.

The Paleolithic diet is a diet that consists of eating fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts without including grains into the diet. Anything that has grains in it should be avoided, as grains are not part of the paleo diet. Studies have shown that early man has been able to survive for a very long time without allowing any kind of diseases to attack him, because of the diet pattern. Enough of exercise is also recommended.

The recent studies have shown that the nut eaters are able to stay disease free for a very long time and had 20% lesser chance of being unhealthy. Some of the nuts that are recommended are pistachios, almonds, walnuts as well as any nuts that are from trees. The other great thing about nuts is that, people who consumed nuts were also able to stay slimmer. This is definitely an added bonus to anyone who wants to try and lose some weight. Nuts tend to fill you up and not allow you to feel hungry too soon.

The unsaturated fat and the roughage that can be obtained from nuts are said to be the contributing factor to the health benefits. You should consider eating nuts in the place of potato chips when you want to snack, that way you can be sure you are getting your dose of nuts. Studies even in the year 2003 has shown that a fistful of nuts a day is great for anyone who want to avoid heart disease.

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