How Do You Armpit Detox Using Lemons

Lemons are excellent when it comes to skin lightening. The innumerable benefits of nature’s goodness are easily available right in the fresh produce department in any supermarket. If you haven’t read why you can use lemons for your skin, read our previous post.

Here are simple steps how you can use lemons to get rid of armpit gunk:

Note: If you are sensitive to the acidity in lemons, you might get an armpit detox rash. To avoid any adverse armpit detox symptoms, dilute lemon juice and make an armpit detox mask before you use it on your skin.

Procedure to Detoxify Your Armpits

  1. Take a nice ripe lemon and cut a thick slice or take half a lemon devoid of any seeds.
  2. Rub it generously under your arms everyday just before your shower. Let it stay for a few minutes while you brush your teeth or shave your legs.
  3. When you shower wash away the lemon juice from your armpits without using any soap and then shower as usual
  4. After your shower, apply a thick coat of moisturizer and voila! You are on he path to a detoxed armpit. You will have to follow this procedure for a few weeks for lightening effects

Making an Armpit Detox Mask For Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin can dilute lemon juice with water and a pinch of turmeric. If you are unable to find turmeric, you can substitute it with honey or even yogurt. The paste can be applied on your underarms in the same way you apply the plain lemon juice.

This is a great way to start off detoxing your armpits before you begin using plain lemons under your arm. Detoxing is a process that comes with perceiving the goodness that comes with natural foods. Detox your eyes and look beyond the fancy packaging of products marketed by multimillion-dollar companies. Your skin and body with thank you for it.

For people who have trouble with excessive sweating, the only solution might seem like carrying around a deodorant all the time. While this might evade any odors, you will find that you actually sweat more with deodorant. Therefore, performing an armpit detox and using natural ingredients to help your body will help you on your way to healthy living. You can also drink a lot of water and practice yoga to lessen the problem of excessive sweating.

Apart from using lemons, you can also use potatoes to help you detox your armpits.

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