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Transgender equality is a buzz word of the 21st century that many advocates profess so easily. However, what is the real stigma attached to the interaction and employment of the third gender?

They have a mixture of qualities in them that scream both male and female. They are dominant at times and very timid at times. Sometimes they want to keep quite or sometimes they are loud. And before you ask; no, it is not a challenge to employ them provided you employ them for their strengths.

– Administration

– Online Shopping Staff

– Customer care

– Small business assistance

– Education tools development

These are just a few areas their skills can be invaluable in. While most of them don’t have the best education (thanks to our society) their skillset and strengths can be enhanced and used in an inclusive environment.


I know of companies that talk about having a diverse team of people in the workplace, including them in everything that they operate with. Its become the most common ‘catch phrase’ in their marketing resources. Do they really practice this? Do they really have transgenders or disabled people working? Nope.

I know because I have approached so many companies that claim this for job opportunities to differently abled and well educated graduates. Their great scores and skills dont even get a second glance. Literate India???


There is a child who is 13 yrs old. His curiosity to dress like a girl is strong. His voice and mannerism is very feminine. You can only imagine the stress this little child is under from both family and society. “I’m interested in women’s clothes and accessories but I dont know if I’m becoming a woman”. It takes a village to raise a child they say, so which village does this child go to? Who are the people who would talk to him and accept him for who he is?

There is a certain age when we become what we want to be. A boy becomes a man, a girl becomes a woman, transformations happen. Who sets the rule governing the exact template a human should be? And if normal in our terms is the template then arent we all robots??


There are some small changes and initiatives that can be adopted in our education system that I feel will make our society more inclusive. The main one I wish my child has is

– Making sign language a fourth language

I think providing equal opportunities is not just to do with women getting equal opportunities or a man. Equal opportuniities does not stop with this. It has to go with equal opportunities for all. Whether they are a returning mother after a maternity or if they are coming back to work after a 2 or 3 year break, include their skills not their timeline.

You can connect with Helen @ T.A.B ( Take A Break )

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