Dangerous Ingredients In Deodorants That Cause Breast Cancer

“Are fragrances in your deodorant are masking the chemicals that are in them?”

Following our article on how you can prevent breast cancer with an armpit detox, it only made sense to tell you what dangerous indgredients in deodorants call for an armpit detox. There are many brands in the personal care industry that seem to market their product with their fragrance. Like in everything fragrance determines the way we like a product. What if we told you that these fragrances in your deodorant are masking the chemicals that are in them?

The industry thrives on advertising only the one factor that most people choose. The FDA is also very slow in reacting to such advertising and this does not go well with the consumers who use them. There is a lot of information on the advertising on the bottles of deodorants that can be misleading. The use of impressive colors and fonts mask the dangers in the products. In reality these are the dangerous ingredients in deodorants that cause cancer and other horrible problems.

Here are a list of dangerous ingredients in deodorants that you are not looking into and their effects on the human body. Not Cool!

Dangerous Aluminum:

Almost every personal care product has aluminum. They block the sweat glands in the body and in turn arrest the body’s ability to naturally expel toxins. This is one of the way sin, which an armpit detox helps. It gets rid of the aluminum build up in the glands and thus allows for the body to naturally detox. Aluminum is directly related to causing breast cancer in women according to scientists.

Dangerous Parabens:

There are different forms of parabens. You will recognize them on your deodorant bottles by the “paraben” name attached to the end. Though their role in the direct influence on breast cancer is still being investigated; parabens are known for several detrimental issues. Parabens are known to have properties like that of estrogen. The same hormone when increased in the body causes cancer.

Dangerous Propylene Glycol

This substance keeps products from drying up. As a result it is approved to be used by almost all skin care and body care products. It causes liver damage and is a toxic chemical, which is applied on the skin. It has several side effects as well which can only reinforce that this chemical is a complete no-no.

Dangerous TEA and DEA

Triethanolamine(TEA) and diethanolamine(DEA) makes changes to the pH balance in the skin. It is also the base of the cleanser, which we use in face washes and soaps. Both these chemicals on the long run cause liver and kidney issues.

Dangerous Triclosan

This impressive chemical is known to kill the bacteria on the skin. Though it might sound great to use, it definitely is not good on the long run. It can cause thyroid dysfunctions that are genetic so to speak.

Dangerous FD&C colors

These colors are synthetic colors used in your deodorants. What makes these dangerous is that the colors are often derived from coal. Coal is a carcinogen and that translates to cancer causing elements. So the next time you think about how you love the color of your deodorant or your soap, think again.

Dangerous Talc

Every Indian household uses talcum powder. Talcum powder is one the highest causes for blocking glands. Glands in the body once blocked are difficult to function properly leading to toxic building and then cancer.

You can consider choosing natural products that you can make in your own home or buy from a health store. These products not only enhance the way your body feels but also keeps you healthy. There’s always good old-fashioned healthy diet, which works wonders as well. If you are contemplating choosing to make your own natural deodorant that be in contact with the dangerous ingredients in deodorants there are several recipes available.

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