The Essentials of Essential Oils & It’s Everyday Uses

We can save quite a lot by making use of essential oils to make things that we use everyday.

  • Dishwasher tablets are a fave and one of the quickest things to make for beginners. The homemade ones are fun to make, safe for kids to use, cheap and way better for the environment.
  • Bench spray (aka spray and wipe) is extremely cost effective to make. All you need is 5 cents worth of Lemon oil in a spray can of water and voila! you have a spray and wipe
  • Some advanced blends can be made with lemon, frankincense, etc to make a cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising wipe
  • Toilet cleaner, ‘Jiff’, bench spray, insect spray and loads more are possibilities with essential oils
  • Some of the oils that you can consume helps soothe while simultaneously hydrating
  • The oils when mixed with water and put in a humidifier absorbs quickly into the skin and is gentle and non-irritating, making it ideal for sensitive skin
  • You can even make natural hand sanitizers at home using essential oils. An aloe vera gel (plain stuff with nothing added) and essential oil blends that have sanitizing effects are combined. This mix is beneficial as it protects the hand from bacterial for 2 hours! Commercial hand sanitizers last 30 seconds! Also, the alcohol in hand sanitizer is very drying to the skin. By using aloe vera gel we nourish our skin.

There are also some products that kids can be a part of with their parents. Making both products and building a beautiful bond of health and friendship. Visit this website for projects you can do with your kids.

Mums and kids could help assemble packs for this fantastic initiative to support girls and young women in developing countries.

Have something else you tried with essential oils? Share your tip with us!

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