7 Ways to Treat a Headache without Painkillers


More than half the population at any given time suffer from headaches. Headaches are one the first symptoms for any ailment in the body. When you get a headache, it simple means that your body is trying to tell you something. It would be wise to listen and treat the under lying cause and not the symptom.

People who don’t realize this, pop painkillers and become host to a whole range of different side effects that come with it. Most often, addiction to painkillers is also a risk that you should worry about when you take a painkiller.

So, what would you do if you have a headache that you just want gone immediately? Here are a few tips that you can try to treat the underlying cause for the headache. These are tested and tried by many people are is one suggested by a panel of doctors.



Let us know which one works for you!

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