Quick 30 Second Calorie Burning Exercises

Who said there aren’t simple 30 second calorie burning exercises to get those abs tightened and those sexy legs again!? Here are a couple of exercises that will take 30 seconds to perform per move and allows you to rest for 15 second between each.

The Jumping Spider

Get your hands on the floor in a push up position and push yourself up and clap quick! 30 seconds should do!

Targeting areas legs, arms

The Half Up

Put your left hand on the floor. Stretch your legs out. Right now your elbow should be resting on the floor. Your right hand needs to point straight above. Move from your elbow to your palm and lift your waist off the floor. The side of your feet and your left palm only touches the floor. 30 second on each side. Try a variation where you move your other hand to join your hand on the floor and back up as well.

Targeting areas legs, arms



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