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Hand sanitizers are not made up of 100 % safe ingredients. The sanitizers in stores are chemically induced and made with toxic ingredients. The primary active ingredients in commercial sanitizers are Ethyl alcohol and Isopropyl alcohol. Now most people dont show side effects to these but children with their sensitive skin should be protected. Here is a recipe to make your own natural alcohol free hand sanitizer. This sanitizer not only cleans germs but it can be used as an antiseptic for grazes or cuts.

1. On Guard® Oil by doTERRA

2. Plain Aloe Vera Gel

Tip: If you want your skin to be smooth, add a few drops of vitamin E oil.

Just mix a couple of drops of the On Guard® oil blend into 25grams of plain aloe vera gel. Store the blend in a jar and use ad required.

The blend protects the hands from bacteria for over 2 hours. Unlike the commercially available ones which last for 30 seconds, this homeblend is a favourite.

Other uses for the doTERRA On Guard® blend

  • With its unique aroma, doTERRA On Guard offers a fragrant, natural, way to clean.
  • doTERRA On Guard is an effective alternative to synthetic options for immune support.*
  • Diffuse for cleansing the air.
  • Add two to three drops in a veggie capsule for a quick immune boost.*
  • Supports the body’s natural antioxidant defenses.*
  • Rub on bottom of kid’s feet during school season.
  • Diffuse in home before company arrives to help cleanse the air and add a spicy and sweet aroma.
  • Diffuse in class setting for an uplifting scent.
  • Supports healthy immune function.*
  • Protects against environmental threats.
  • Diffuse in your home or office during fall and winter months.
  • Add to water for an effective all-purpose cleaner for surfaces.
  • Supports healthy respiratory function.*

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