Thumb/Dummy Sucking Habit – Ways To Help Your Child Stop It

Help your Child break the habit

Yasmeen Ghouse, Dental Hygienist

“Babies have a natural sucking reflex that begins even before birth. They often find it soothing to suck a thumb, finger or dummy. But if this habit is prolonged it can cause the front teeth and the surrounding bone to be pushed out of shape.

Most children stop the habit on their own. If the habit continues into preschool years (2.5 years +) intervention is necessary. Rewarding your child with stickers or poster boards often is a good motivation for them to quit.

If it’s a part of night time habit then placing a safe but biter tasting liquid/gel on the thumb/finger deters the child and reminds them not to suck.” Says Yasmeen Ghouse, a Dental Hygienist and a Mother of two .

Nail biting deterrents are available in a neat nail polish form that can be applied on the nails. This could effectively stop the satisfaction the child receives from sucking.

In any case though do not nag or reprimand your child as this negatively impacts the child. If your attempts are not successful you can always talk to your dental health professional who might be able to give a simple oral appliance to break the habit” Says Yasmeen.

The Thumbsie – Thumb guard is another innovative product that can help with stopping the habit. The product covers the thumb and wraps around the wrist of the child so they cannot suck their finger.

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