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Possible answers to all the crazy scenes running around in your head about the Menstrual cups

What are menstrual cups?

A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene product that is inserted into your body during menstruation. Unlike tampons and pads, cups collect menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it

Are the conventional Sanitary towels and Tampons a threat ?

Yes. They are a threat not just to a women’s health but also to the environment. More information on: http://ctmcentral.com/eco-living/are-you-womenvironment-friendly

Are all menstrual cups the same? How do i pick the right one for myself?

No, not all menstrual cups are the same, different brands have their different designs. You can measure and pick your favourite brand and buy a cup according to that.

How do you use a menstrual cup?

You first need to understand the different folds and try out what works best for you. Insert it like a tampon without any applicator. Of course you will fail miserably with the first few tries, but you will eventually master this.

Are menstrual cups uncomfortable?

That depends! Some people find it so comfortable that they don’t even feel it’s even there. But we would suggest to give it a try for atleast two cycles to be able to understand the cup better.

How do I know if I'm using the menstrual cup properly?

You should first be able to feel it open up inside and fixed inside you . There should be no immediate leakage and you should feel comfortable.

What will happen if I pick a size that is too small?

We have our Menstrual Cup guide to help you decide what size suits best for you, depending on your age and flow. Using a small cup just means emptying more often. Our guide will help you choose the right cup!

I'm still not convinced and worried about the leak.

You could always wear a panty liner initially to understand your flow capacity. If you choose the right size it shouldn’t leak but if you are feeling cautious, then yes, you can wear backups.

How do you remove a mentrual cup? Can it get stuck?

No, There is no chance that the cup could get lost. There is a stem on the cup that is used to pull the cup out gently.

What is the best way to clean a menstrual cup? And how the heck do you clean one when your in a public bathroom?

The best way to clean a menstrual cup is to wash it with unscented soap, and sterilise it in a designated pot for the cup before every first use. When it comes to cleaning it in a public bathroom you may have to just wash it with running water before the next use.

I'm super extra weird about blood and I don't want to faint seeing so much blood. How must I prepare myself for this?

It’s no cup of tea! so if you don’t like seeing too much of blood you should probably not use it. Want to trade comfort for fear, try it !

Are coloured cups safe?.

Cups come in different colours and they are all safe to use. The medical grade silicon makes it more usable.

Can I wear a menstrual cup if I am a virgin?

It is risky as sometimes mistakes can happen and your menstrual cup can keep on grazing your hymen and eventually break, but you can still use a menstrual cup if you decide to.

Can I use the cup if I have an IUD?

Yes, you can still use a cup as your IUD, as it is inside your cervix and a cup is just similar to using a tampon.

Am I allowed to swim with the cup?

Yes, as the blood is contained in a silicon case and it has a powerful suction seal you can do any sport that you love to. Not to forget dancing and partying!

Will the cup reduce my cramps or aches?

Unfortunately the cup does not relieve you of any of your monthly pains, as it only holds the blood, not affecting the process of your period.

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