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Lets Get Started! Get Eco-friendly!

Starting an eco-friendly lifestyle can be as simple as picking up eco-friendly products off the supermarket shelves or simply using essential oils in everyday cooking and cleaning.
The only problem is the products available in the supermarket have only about 5% of the natural goodness and 95% water and other additives.

Using essential oils in diffusers ensures that the air in the room has these natural ingredients. When the mist from the diffuser touches our skin it almost immediately starts taking effect because of the concentrated levels of the ingredients.

Using diffusers even makes sure our little fury friends benefit from the natural oils. Some soothing lavender is not just for humans but can calm down an overly agitated dog or cat as well. However, take caution and read the instructions on the bottles before use.

Why doTERRA is a Better Way To Start

doTERRA offers a fantastic range of essential oils, supplements, skin care and cleaning products. The oils are segregated health and use wise with websites and a whole array of information on how you can effectively use it. For a first-time journey into using essential oils, they have start up kits to help you begin your journey.

doTERRA uses 3rd party testing for their products to ensure transparency and integrity with the information they are giving. They also publish the results of this testing online for anyone to look at on a web page called source to you.

doTERRA essential oils are 100% certified pure therapeutic grade. Absolutely nothing added. These oils are so potent – a little bit goes a long way.
There are also some fantastic studies available on pub med. This is peer reviewed research on the effects of essential oils.

Putting A Price on Good Health

Spending money on good health is not often a priority in many homes. Choosing a home brand at the supermarket is so much more cost effective than paying premium price for the same product in a known brand.

This is why doTERRA is a lot more economical. It is priced higher than substandard brands but you need to use only ONE drop when you have to use over 5 or 6 drops with other brands. And then there is their loyalty program, so you can add to your collection while collecting points that you can then redeem for free products. This program is amazing. doTERRA gives up to 30% of what your spend back in free product credits too.

Like It? Share It.

Likes and shares go beyond your social media platforms. If you like the doTerra products you can share it with other people AND earn commissions too.
You can earn commissions from doTERRA by hosting classes. It’s great fun and as an upline leader Catrin Coulon can provide support and education. She has a large team, all working together to help people achieve their health and financial goals.

If you are in Sydney you can drop into one of Catrin’s workshops and learn about the ways she has been helping families achieve better health through doTerra. She is very flexible and offers several ways to learn about essential oils. Introduction classes in private homes, cafes or pre-booked venues are the perfect way to start.

There can be as little as 1 guest ( a one to one) or many guests in a seminar setting. 6-10 guests is ideal. Her team also does topic classes, make and take classes, masterclasses and seminar days. Really just depends on what people are interested in. Some classes are private and others are available for the public as well.

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