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Minimalist living. Natural Living. Eco-Friendly. Chemical-free Lifestyles. These are the buzz words that are circulating social media websites and supermarket shelves. While deciphering the many chemical and scientific names at the back of a bottle is a pass-time many mums enjoy, are these products any good? Are you going to need a road-map just to find your way around using these products effectively? Yes, the challenge gets tougher once you start expecting the entire family to use something you brought home that says “Natural” on it.

“We aim for a low-tox life. We aim to eat food with as little additives as possible, wash and clean with chemical free options and use chemical free products on our bodies. While this isn’t always possible, I do make an extra effort to do the best I can.” Says Catrin Coulon

Many families are turning to natural products by simply buying them off the shelf and using them at home. However, product manufacturers have identified you as a lucrative market to make themselves richer. They find loop holes into making a profit out of using the least amount of the natural stuff. The term “Natural” can be used when a product contains X-amount of natural ingredients in it. So while you think that the recently purchased, overpriced essential oil has 100% natural oil, you are mistaken.

Fact: Did you know, that any essential oil can be labelled as “natural” with just 5% of oil in it? – Living the nourished life

However, there are companies that give the whole 100% pure product at a great price. How do you find these products? These products are best identified when someone tells you about it and the big difference it makes in their lives.

Introducing 100% Pure Eco-Friendly Products is Not The Same as Picking It Off The Shelf

Pure oils and pure eco-friendly products have to be used along with other binders such as water or oil for its distributed effects. Mums like Catrin Coulon makes her own dishwashing tablets. “Most things are easy to adapt to. Some things don’t work well the first few times and take some tweaking. I try to get the kids involved with choosing the ‘flavour’ of things or help me with making things. When we started making dishwasher tablets, I asked the kids what they would like out of some citrus oils. They picked lime and we also added some green food colouring. They are safe for the kids to touch so they are able to be more involved with loading the dishwasher and setting it going” she says.

While adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle is a gradual process “getting the whole family involved” in making small changes is the best way to do.

Here are simple ways you can get the full benefits of truly natural products without getting sucked into product labels.

– Buying fresh organic foods from a local trustworthy grocer or growing your own vegetables and fruit

– Using an aromatherapy diffuser with reputed essential oils

– Using virgin oils from health food stores for the skin and cooking

– Making your own everyday products at home by simply combining essential oils and easily available 100% natural products

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