Easy Ways To Detox Your Armpit At Home

There are many recipes to help you detox your armpit at home. These recipes will help you in making packs with ingredients that are natural and easily available in your home as well.

For those who do want to keep it simple and yet not go through the whole ordeal of making packs and storing, you can try this simple routine. This involves plain old-fashioned baking soda. Many critics are against using baking soda on the skin. As much as they might be true, if you detox your armpit once in a year at least, it would not hurt. You can detox your armpit at home with this routine routine to help you get rid of body odor and slowly transition away from using your current deodorant.

This how you can detox your armpit at home without too much of a struggle:

who does an armpit detox
  • When you are in the shower, use your scrub or loofah and scrub any dead skins away from your armpits.

  • Pick an brand of baking soda that is aluminum free and keep it handy in the shower

  • Apply a little bit of the baking soda and gentle scrub for a few seconds

  • Let it rest for about a minute and wash away

  • Repeat the steps over 3-4 times the first time

Detox your armpit everyday and you will notice that within a week, your armpits have released all the toxin buildup and you will have visibly lighter skin as well.

“Say goodbye to body odor”

You can switch to using a natural deodorant that you can find at a health store after you have completed the routine. If you want to go all natural by using your own natural deodorant, read our next post about a good natural deodorant recipe. Making sure that you detox your armpit at home, can help you well on your way to say goodbye to body odor and look forward to some healthy choices.

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