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Night Light 

Being a mum of tiny humans, our biggest worry when they sleep is if you can quickly see if they are alright during the night. This leaves most mums to sleep with the light on or turn the light on every time they check on their baby. While finding a night light is not on our favourite to-do list, here is an energy efficient way to get all the advantages of a night light right from your phone.

Best Night Light App

This app is simple. It does the job. Period.


  1. It uses a plain white screen on your phone or tablet at high brightness. This means you can move it everywhere and anywhere
  2. There are different colors of lights you can choose from
  3. You can alter the level of brightness you want the light to work at
  4. You can set a timer on the app for the light to turn off automatically
  5. You have mood light settings, which means this app can extend for adults to use too
  6. A beautiful lava light setting gives you that lava light feature anywhere
  7. There are different modes to choose from as well


  1. This app drains your battery like crazy. So make sure you have the device plugged into a power source when you use it
  2. The interface is very very basic, so while it does its job (for a free app) it does not look pretty
  3. The battery saver mode is good but it still drains your battery

Here are some easy options you can buy a night light online if you prefer that over the app:

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