Aunt Flo Goes Eco #cupitup

Aunt Flo decides to go Eco!

So what’s your environmental impact during that time of the month? Here’s some Information about going Eco from our group of wonder-women who have road- tested the use of menstrual cups.

What are They Made Of?

They are made of flexible Medical Grade Silicon. The nature of this silicon is such that it does not smell or discolour. One cup can last up to almost 10 years. To ensure the longevity of the cup, proper cleaning and care should be followed.

Trekking, Party, Work? No Problem!

It can stay in for up-to 8 to 12 hrs, that means you don’t have to change them as regularly as you would a pad or tampon. You could always finish up your shopping, head home and get comfortable to empty, wash and re-use. But in some unavoidable circumstances popping into an accessible toilet would help!

What Cups? It’s No Cup of Tea I Tell You.

Fold it, squeeze it , twist it and push it in and fail miserably! Trust me, it works differently for everyone. So you need to try it out and find out what works best for you.  Once you master this, there’s nothing like it.

Does It Feel Like You Have a Baby Down There?

Every single cup-woman says the same thing ” We don’t even feel it”. The flexible silicon just blends in with your movements and you hardly feel it inside you. You can jump, hop, dance, skip and even forget it’s even there.

Should You Call the Plumber?

Leak-proof! These cups come in different sizes and you can pick one that’s right for your flow and body. It doesn’t leak at all! But you should try it to believe it.

Crime Scene Alert ! Is It Gonna Be Bloody!?

It’s all about the pinch and the angle. Pinching the bottom of the cup releases the vacuum inside and then pull it out in the same angle so that it doesn’t spill. Ta-da! This is also something you will eventually master. If it’s full you might spill some but you need to do it always on the toilet so it’s fine!

Fine Tip

Use it for your entire cycle the first time (all 3-5 days). Every woman who converted to the cup suggests the same.

No, You Can’t Put Them in The Dishwasher!

Designate a pot to sterilise your cups before you use them for every period. They have no ideal expiry date, so get the best out of them. Cool isn’t it?

In spite of all that we’ve said, maybe it does hurt, maybe it does leak, maybe you never want to try it, that’s just fine! We need to respect each others ways. This is just another option to help you save and do your bit for the environment. So spread the word!

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