Are You Womenvironment Friendly ?

What Do Menstrual Hygiene Products Cost The Environment?

200-300 Pounds of Toxic Waste 

The taboo surrounding menstrual periods stunted the development of finding alternative measures for women while menstruating. What if all women free-flowed? As if there’s not enough crime scenes around the world!

On an average, a woman will, in her lifetime, use more than 13,000 tampons or pads. That’s a lot of disposable cotton and that’s a necessity! This amount of waste, which can be around 200-300 pounds of trash can be an alarming issue to the environment.

Food, clothing and shelter are the basic necessities in life they said. 
“For a woman food, clothing, shelter AND menstrual alternatives are basic needs in life!”

The cost of buying pads and tampons is a totally different ball game which is a serious social issue as well. Women who are homeless or who live in shelters have trouble affording menstrual hygiene products, and often have to rely on unsatisfactory DIY methods to manage their period.

Food, clothing and shelter are the basic necessities in life they said. Well, for a women food, clothing, shelter AND menstrual alternatives are basic needs in life!

Fine Fact: The Plastic From 4 Plastic Bags are In Each Pad

So, what are the best options for a woman who wants to be ecological? Although the awareness of using Organic Feminine Hygiene products spread; there is an increase in cost involved for these products as they are wrapped in plastic bags. Conventional tampons or sanitary pads can contain the equivalent of about four plastic bags! With everything we now know about the hazardous nature of plastic, this is a cause for major concern.

Plastics and synthetics trap heat, restrict air flow and cause dampness, which likely promotes yeast and causes bacterial infection and in your vaginal area. Feminine hygiene waste can take centuries to biodegrade , considering the amount of pads or tampons a menstruating women has to buy.

The need to innovate and find sustainable and yet practical solutions to feminine hygiene challenges exists.
We need to create the awareness around to make the switch!

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