10 Precautions To Take When Buying or Renting For An Immigrant Family

Look before you Leap!

Here are precautions you should take when you buy or rent a house for your family in Australia. Most people who move to Australia as an immigrant are not aware of these precautions which can cause a lot of stress when they encounter problems. This list was put together with Tisa van den Heuvel, Managing Director of In Home Property Management

  1. Make sure you have a great conveyancer you trust.  They will help you navigate through contracts and negotiate better deals. They are a wealth of knowledge on your side.
  2. If you are moving to a new area it might be worth renting for 6 months to make sure the area suits you. You might notice there is terrible traffic at certain times of the day or that there are certain pockets within suburbs that suit your family better than others.
  3. Tisa’s best advice to anyone purchasing a property is to not over commit themselves.  Make sure you have some spare funds left in case anything goes wrong and make sure you are not paying so much that if the interest rates increase you will have to sell
  4. Find out which property management company is managing your property. The best ones will make sure they take your interest into account as well as the property owners
  5. The right property management company will also have a good set of tradies to fix stuff in the home
  6. Make sure the property you get does not have carpets. Carpets are a lot more tougher to maintain and expensive to replace too
  7. Get references before you leave the country you are from and who can be reached so property owners can contact them when you get a rental in Australia. In the same way, friends and family in Australia can also act as good references when renting
  8. Make sure you take photographs of every little scratch and stain in the house and get it signed off by the owner/agent before you rent the property. The clause in your agreement about giving the property back in the same condition/better condition is a highly debatable one
  9. Read your agreement carefully. Everything that is on the agreement is important and cannot be taken for granted. Specifically read for any hidden clauses even if your agent/owner says its the standard clause
  10. Lastly, ensure that the home you choose is close to public transport of some kind. It can be very confusing and inconvenient especially during the first few months of living in a suburb to get around without public transport

Happy Homes, Happy Life!

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