Destiny’s Children – A Friend In Need Is a Friend Destined to Be

Destiny is your Friend! 

We often ask ourselves if things are destined to be this way. Relationships and Situations are the most common destiny’s children.
Well, our relationship is one of a kind where things are destined to be the way it is!

So here’s a short story about the making of CTM Central. We hardly spoke to each other at school, but when we got to speak to each other years after that, it seemed like we were friends forever from a virtual world. With no bad intentions or selfish motives our friendship grew with a million conversations over the next year. It’s easy to get into a relationship, but often difficult to stay in one! Now that applies for Friendships too. You could have a million friends an still feel lonely or a couple of friends to share your life an be the happiest person.

Be the friend you want to have for there’s nothing so pure and lasting like having a true friend.
The best discovery one can make is finding the right friend at the right time, who will stay by you no matter what.

Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life. – Mark Twain

We could fail, we could go places but we will stay by each other is our untold promise.
With similar thoughts, dreams and ambitions we put together CTM Central. We want it to be entertaining and informative, but above all useful to mums around the world!

You were destined to be born,
You were destined to get that job ,
You were destined to meet your love,
But You are never destined to fail!

While karma gives you what you deserve to get, destiny works on what you finally get!
And we got ‘US’ and we are working on reaching out to ‘YOU’.

We believe in destiny! We are now Destiny’s Children!

About the author

Being a mum means having to wear multiple hats all day, everyday. We are inspired enough to reach to mums who need that extra boost of encouragement on those helpless days. This creative website is a reflection of everything we are, everything we have learned and everything you'd want to hear.

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