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There are several problems that one can encounter when living with extended family. Some people find that having to cope with elderly parents as well as a family with kids can almost become a full-time job. While that are several people who would rather put their kids in a boarding school and send their parents off to an old-age home, there are some people take on the Herculean task of looking after the family themselves.

Nobody said that living in a joint family was going to be fun. While living in a joint family has its pitfalls that are also several things that can be gained when you live in a family.

Personalized family attention

While it can be nurturing in several ways to live in a large family there are also several opinions that you might have to deal with. When grandparents are able to move around, it might be a blessing in disguise for those with young children would love personalized family attention and nurturing for their children. However, as grandparents age it can be a little difficult.

Patience and understanding

Finding the balance to be able to cope with the situation is what many people seek to do. Staying positive and being a part of support groups can also help you on days when you want to give up and send everybody away. The joys and blessings just seemed when you look after your elderly parents and your children is definitely worth it. The patience and understanding that you will be able to impart in your children but also help them become more tolerant towards the busy world that we live in.

Living with extended family is also known to be exclusive to certain cultures. Asian counties are one of the most popular countries that encourage extended families to live together. Is it a means to help with financial obligations? Is it disrespectful to choose to live in a nuclear family? if so why? Or is it truly an aid to help both children and adults learn the values of sharing? What are your thoughts.

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