School Backpacks: A Cause For Problems in The Future

School backpacks

Does you child seem to carry school backpacks with trolleys?

Has your child been complaining of back aches or headaches?

Has your child been having difficulty in school and seems exhausted from day one?

Has your child been suffering from confidence issues and always slumps his/her shoulders?

Do you worry about back problems affecting your child in the future?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, read on!

Not everything you know about school backpacks is quite true. Yes! They are brightly coloured and designed. Yes! They come with beautiful gadgets attached and large provisions for books and bottles. It seems like a perfect buy for any school going child. The joys of carrying bags to school is short lived once it is loaded with the books and many children are seen dragging their feet into classes and unloading their school backpacks.

According to Dr.Zinal Unakat, many children are known to lose interest in coming to school because of the stress they are put in while carrying their school backpacks. When the body is burdened, the minds equally take a hit. Once the books, bottles and laptops are added to the bags, it becomes considerably heavy to carry for long periods of time.

Studies show that carrying anything more than 10% of your body weight on your back, can cause serious damage to both the spine and mind. However, most children carry a minimum of 20% their body weight or more. Parents should take into consideration the kinds of items that would be put into school backpacks when they choose bags for children.

Problems Caused By Heavy School Backpacks

Carrying heavy school backpacks can cause bone and muscle problems and more frequently when the school bags are carried on one shoulder. It begins to put extra pressure on one side of the body and causes the spine to tilt when the school backpacks are carried on one shoulder. The dangers do not end with just carrying the bag and extends to the point when the child is tired of carrying the school bag and puts it down to pick it up again. This is especially the case with school children carrying bags.

Studies have shown that when a heavy bag is carried, the child tends to lean forward which can permanently cause the spine to grow in the position it is inclined toward. This further tends to affect children with bad posture. There are also co-relation between bad spinal developments and stress that occurs on the vertebral discs. The entire alignment of the spine is altered to suit the weight of the bag and thus changing the way the spine develops.

Long term Problems With Heavy School Backpacks

The long term problems with carrying heavy school backpacks in children are as follows:

–       Headaches caused by the strain on the shoulders

–       Hunch back

–       Low self confidence because of emotional stress

–       A spine bent sideways

–       Breathing capacity reduced because of the pressure on the lungs, due to the bent spine

–       Back pains and slip discs

–       Severe back problems in adults because of carrying heavy bags as children

Solutions To Lighten The Load On The School Backpacks

–       Get a light weighted backpack which can be carried on both shoulders

–       Do not over load the school backpacks

–       Get light weighted school bags made of thin yet sturdy canvas

–       Any stroller attachments to the bag should not be a part of a backpack as it can add to the weight

–       School lockers should be used effectively

–       Buying a simple bag gives your child room to make it into a personalized school backpacks

–       Unnecessary equipment and books from the bags need to be removed.

–       Invest in two sets of books; one for the home and one for the school

–       Teach your children to leave their school backpacks on the ground while waiting for the school bus

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