13 Reasons Why – No Way Should A Teen Watch It

Last week Netflix released 13 reasons why to their subscribers. The show was completely well scripted and enthralling. You just can’t stop with just one episode!! (We’re looking at you Eva!)

So 12 episodes and many wines later, starts the 13th episode. Here we’re thinking, this is great stuff!! Teens should absolutely watch it considering half the high school kids these days have the word “Die!!!” post fixed to their sentences. <Sigh>

Don’t want to spoil it for those of you who haven’t watched the show yet, but episode 13 is where the wine glass dropped. Everyone was scrambling for the remote. One of our lovely ladies asked for the puke bag.

Spoilers ahead!

The gore is no way something anyone of us could sit through. You have got to be kidding!!! Who makes a show where the lead actress who’s captured the screen for so long to kill herself so painlessly? The show directors have got to be kidding if they think that they can have her showing off slitting her wrists so easily like as if its less painful.

The whole point of keeping kids away from committing suicide is lost!!!! Especially when it’s the last episode and everyone has already forgotten about how her family and friends are struggling with the fact of losing someone.

No thank you very much. But the world is already a place of violence and attention seekers. The last message a teen should get should be making suicide easy to do.

Parents: Please feel free to watch this show. Fall in love with it because it’s simply beautiful. But having your teen watch it is not something we would advice. An MA15+ rating on a show like this where acts of self-infliction is shown in graphic detail is not right. Where the censor board members sleeping through this one?

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