Plans To Allow Google Accounts For Children Under 13

Google accounts for children under 13 years has finally got the green signal from the biggest search engine today. This is of course amidst the controversy that surrounds the providing Google accounts for children under 13.

This news comes as a welcome to many kids who have been looking to open their own Google account of their own. While many parents do not agree with Google’s initiative of allowing Google accounts for kids under 13 years of age, they can find solace that this does not include accounts in Gmail and YouTube.

“Google will be able to collect information about your children”

There are several ways that children under 13 have been able to bypass the system and opening an account already. There is little that Google can do to stop these children from posing as an adult on the Internet.

The new Google accounts for kids under 13 allow parents to use these privileges to set up accounts for their kids. This way they get to control how Google will be able to collect information about their children.

There are many factors to consider with the strict Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, when any Internet company decides to allow content for children less than 13 years. The age bar comes with bypasses where parents have a strict control over what their child sees and what advertisement is delivered to their kids.

Many technologically savvy parents in today’s age have been trying to get their children to open their own accounts. This has been used as the base for Google’s new venture to allow for Google accounts for children under 13. They simply intend to make the entire process easier to accomplish.

“Children can disclose sensitive information about the family unknowingly”

This news comes with a lot of risk and threat to Google as privacy advocates carefully watch their every action. If not done correctly, millions of kids will be exposed to information that they are not suited for.

Privacy advocates have also taken to coming up with an action plan to make sure that Google does it the right way before it gets out of hand. I guess we will just have to wait and watch before we get excited about the plans. As of now, problems with children disclosing sensitive information about the family unknowingly, thus increasing any chances of information abuse is still high.

While this is a welcome to many parents, there are several factors that you might want to consider before you sign up for any Google accounts for children under 13. In time, these Internet giants should be able to come up with a foolproof way to allow kids to express their skills and learn; under of course the careful scrutiny of the Internet Police. Here’s the thing, if done right, this might also be a ground breaking way to seal off hackers as well!

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