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“Teach them responsibility at a young age”

There are several chores for kids, which can be performed even by 1-year-olds. It is important for every child in the family to feel a part of the home. You will be surprised to note how even small toddlers are able to show interest in doing chores for kids his/her age. There is a list of small chores that toddlers can perform and parents can feel proud about.

It helps in the overall development of the child and gives the child a sense of belonging/pride. Sometimes parents find that getting toddlers to do chores can turn out as a hindrance. But don’t fret, it is always better to give them small chores that they can do and teach them responsibility at a young age and relax as they grow.

Chore for Young Children

Here are 5 chores for kids that toddlers can perform and feel a part of the team:


Dust: Toddlers love to wipe things because they seem to mimic their parents a lot. This is one of the earliest mimics they learn. So take a hint and get your toddler to dust the television of small shelves.


Some parents who feel that their toddlers are safe with the entire dusting process can advance to giving their child a wet cloth. Chores for kids that involve a wet cloth is not always something that parents like, as the risks of their child catching a cold is high. However, allowing your child to use a well wrung out warm cloth will make the task enjoyable and comfortable.


Simple chores for toddlers like loading and unloading the dryer are easy to do as well. Chores for kids that involve the dryer make them feel like they are being treated as a grownup to handle big machines. Try this and you will be surprised to see the pride that follows. Of course under supervision!

Carrying small bags

All toddlers and kids love to go shopping. Many shopping malls have baby trolleys that kids can cart around themselves giving them the pride of being able to shop. Entwining chores with that will help the toddlers learn how to carry their small bags and help parents carry bags as part of chores.

Cleaning up after themselves

This is a prime chore for kids that all parents should start really young. Watching parents pick up after the kids will help the toddlers understand this chore easily. They will also mimic what they see and will be glad to follow suit. So teach them right from a young age to clean up after them and help others as well. This will go a long way in teaching kids to help other people while making sure that they help themselves too.

Chores for kids and toddlers can be made fun with the ChoreMonster app as well which will bring in the fun element with technology insights. Kids these days are found to love what they see on the iPad and this app is just brilliant to help kids have fun while performing chores at home. Chores for kids can now become an enriching experience for both parents as kids.

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